Active Event(s): The Relics of the Wild Forest 30/10-12/11

Events are happenings around Duria! Complete a series of quests and work towards a goal independent of the normal questlines. Collect Plik:Drak14.png Drakens from events and spend them when The Ghastly Gnob arrives in Kingshill. To view active events, open your "Events" (hotkey "E") window. Some of these events include:

Event Type Description
Attack on Werian Sanctuary Hold your ground and protect the NPC
Defeat the Undefeatable IIIIV Repeatedly defeat boss monsters around your level
Full Moon Event During the full moon, defeat werewolves in Varholm using the power of silver
Helios Games II, III Compete in the arena for this special PvP event (some Insignia also available in PvE)
30pxNew Moon Enchanted Fairy Wood will help you defeat the boss in Blackborg
Lost Truth III, IVVVI Defeat gnomes and collect viscanium from geodes
Shady Weapons Special sale of unique item in exchange for andermant
25px Stellar Gold Collect Lucky coins (PvP & PvE) for an assortment of rewards. A special real-world prize is available for the winner(s) of the event.
Terrifying Shadows

Collect coffee beans, collect portal fragments, and face off against Sargon using Light Essences. Look for hidden piggies :)

Time of Glory

Earn 25% more Badges of Honor in the arena
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